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Spiritual Growth Pack
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Spiritual Circumcision By Steve Highlander
Old Testament circumcision was a sign of God's covenant.  In the New Testament we are told that there is a "circumcision made without hands," and that our hearts need to be circumcised.  This booklet deals with the our need to allow the Spirit of God to circumcise our hearts.  By looking at the picture of circumcision in the Old Testament, you can understand the process in the New Testament.  A challenging message for the 21st century Church. Read it online now! | Download a ZIP File Print a copy | Back to top of page

Understanding Spiritual Rest By Steve Highlander
Without a doubt the issue of the Sabbath is one of the most controversial subjects in the Bible.  The church is divided by those who insist that the Sabbath be strictly kept on Saturday and those who change it to Sunday or ignore it all together. However, The Sabbath, like most Old Testament principles, has a spiritual fulfillment that those on both sides of the argument have missed. The Sabbath principle wasn't about taking a day off at all, it was much deeper than that.  A new and refreshing look at a beautiful spiritual principle that you need in your life in these last days.  Guaranteed to make you think twice about what you thought you knew about the Sabbath.  
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The Church:
The Way things Were meant To Be
By Steve Highlander
Ever get tired of "Going to Church?"  As a pastor or church leader do you find it hard to keep people interested and active?  The New testament word for Church is Ekklesia, and it means "Called Out Ones."  Church was never someplace you went, but something that you were.  The Church of Jesus Christ is called out of some things and called into some things. This booklet points out the difference between going to church and being the Church. A challenging message that will have you and your Church looking at "church" in a whole different light.
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The Second Coming of Jesus Christ
Why I Don't believe in a Pre-Tribulation Rapture
By Steve Highlander
The first study in the End Times series.  When I first became a Christian in 1980 I was taught dispensational theology and the pre-tribulation rapture doctrine.  After years of personal study I was convinced from the scripture that God has a plan for the Church in the last days. Over the years many people have asked me why I do not believe that Jesus is coming before the tribulation to take the Church to heaven.  This booklet is from the perspective of someone who once taught the pre-trib rapture doctrine and now teaches differently.  What you believe about the end times does make a difference.   
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Eternal Security or Once-Saved-Always-Saved? 
Can a Christian lose his salvation?
By Steve Highlander
Another controversial subject in the Body of Christ. Some people teach that once a person accepts Christ that there is nothing that can cause that person to go to hell, no matter what they believe or do afterwards.  Others teach that if a Christian dies with some unconfessed sin in their life they will go to hell.  Somewhere between these two extremes is a biblical answer.  Salvation never has and never will be based on your personal righteousness, it has always been based on faith.  A person isn't saved because they stop sinning, they stop sinning because they are saved.  Becoming a Christian and remaining a Christian has to do with FAITH.  Can a person lose their faith?  If so, they can lose their salvation since it is based don faith.  I can almost guarantee you haven't heard this message before.  Eye opening and thought provoking and well worth the reading, even if you disagree.
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Scriptural Church Government By Steve Highlander
A crisis exists in the Church today.  Systems of Church government have crept away from Biblical patterns and, as a result, multitudes of churches and the people who attend them are struggling for spiritual survival.  This booklet looks at the offices and ministries revealed in the Bible and how they are to operate.  This study is specifically written for church leaders who are looking for answers to problems in the Church today.  The author asks a pointed question of every person reading the booklet, "Are you doing what God called you to do, where God called you to do it?"  A challenging study with some fresh insight, combined with a prophetic call to allow Jesus to bring the Body of Christ together.
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The Two Anointings for Everyone By Steve Highlander
There is a general misunderstanding in the church today concerning what it means to be anointed. We often associate the anointing with a specific event, outcome or purpose.  We have missed the significant truth that the anointing is for every Christian and that the anointing does not come and go, but abides in us.   In this short booklet, I clearly explain the two separate anointings that God has for every Christian.  What more power in your life?  REad this one.
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