A Change of Course

WorldBibleInstitute.org was created by Dr. Steve Highlander in 2002 after he returned from a 3 month stay in West Africa.  It was designed as a way of providing free resources and Bible study materials to Christian workers around the world.  We still intend to do that.

In 2003 Dr. Highlander met Dr. Nick Nichols, Chancellor of Faith Bible College in Independence, MO.  After working with the college for several years we felt the Lord directing us to create a full online Bible College with four goals:

  1. To train workers for the fields, not theologians.
  2. Make a Biblical Education affordable to anyone who wanted it.
  3. To make it possible for anyone to take classes without having to pack up the family and go to Bible College.
  4. To provide training for the thousands of pastors, evangelists, teachers and others who are already laboring in the harvest field, but have not had the advantage of a Biblical education.

We feel we've accomplished these goals with www.fbccourses.com.

There are two costs involved:

  1. One Time $50 registration fee
  2. $150 per course fee (3 credit hours per course)

Please visit www.fbccourses.com for more information.

Of course you may still continue using the free resources here at WBI.

God bless you in your work for the Master,

Dr. Steve Highlander