The World Bible Institute was created to provide Christian ministers and workers around the world with free Bible lessons and resources online.  Our "Free Booklets" section has several challenging studies you may read online or print for your own study time.   We will continue adding resources as time allows.

NOTE: WBI has joined hands with Faith Bible College (FBC) in Independence, MO to  create a unique online Bible college. You can now earn a privately accredited, internationally recognized, Bible degree online, through Faith Bible College.  We offer degrees from an Associate in Biblical Studies to a Doctorate in 11 areas of Christian study.  The Online College is brand new in 2006 and we are accepting students now.  Courses will be added regularly.  You can earn a  degree or just take classes of interest to you to increase your understanding and service for the Lord.  We have purposely kept our prices affordable so more people can take advantage of them.  There is a one-time $50 registration fee and a $150 fee per course.  Each course is 3 credit hours, so your cost is only $50 a credit hour, this is unheard of for courses with credit.  You can earn life credit for verifiable ministry experience and we will attempt to take any previous college credits you may have.  For more information please visit

    The Bible, The Word of God, is the life force of the Church.  The Bible proclaims itself to be written by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.  It is the written expression of Jesus Himself, who was the Word made flesh.  It is our source of faith, for faith comes by hearing the Word of God.  Jesus told His disciples that they were pruned through the word He had spoken to them.  Paul said we are washed with the water of the Word.  The Word is our sword with which we fight, the light which came into the world, the truth on which we stand.  The Word of God is the foundation which our entire Christian life and ministry is built on.  
    Without a good understanding and application of the Word of God, the Church is powerless to win souls, fight satan, and grow to maturity.
    It is for this reason that the World Bible Institute has been created.  Our mission is to help ministers and workers world-wide gain a better understanding of the Word of God so they in turn can teach those whom God has placed in their care. Read our Vision and Mission Statement by clicking here.


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Free Online Study Booklets
Our booklets are very challenging and generally cover topics you don't see elsewhere.  These booklets will change the way you think!

Free Online Bible Courses
Coming soon, we will have several Courses to choose from, including: 

  • How to Study the Bible

  • The Person and Ministry of the Holy Spirit

  • The End Times

  • Salvation: A Creative Miracle

  • Old Testament Types and Shadows/New Testament Experience

Talk To A Pastor
Everyone, including ministers, need to get fresh insight on issues and problems in their lives and ministries.  WBI is committed to helping ministers to become all God intends for them to be.  Several pastors are available to correspond with you concerning spiritual issues in your life and ministry.  All correspondence kept confidential.

Online Resources
Search multiple versions of the Bible online.  Devotional tools, and great Bible study programs.

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